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Now accepting applications for our May 17th Night Market.

In one evening of fun we are able to host 10-12 creators to sell their creations, whether it's their first time or they are veterans in the market scene. We also do not charge a fee to have a stand for the evening, we want to the creators to make all the profit.

The best part about the evening is that we hold a donation drive for

The Domestic Violence Resource Center.

Hosting a donation drive every Night Market allows the community to learn about the available resources Washington County has to offer.


We have an application so that we do not have too many of the same creations.

With limited space, at the moment, we want all creators to be comfortable and have the necessary space to sell their products.


We host a night market twice a year, Spring and Winter. If you are not able to attend the May market we will hold on to your application and reach out for future events.

Need a table?

Thank You, Let's Make An Impact That Lasts A Lifetime!


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